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Aldi Truffle Cheddar Cheese (Emporium Selection) Review

A hand holding a package of Emporium Selection Truffle Cheddar Cheese from Aldi on a wooden table.

Making up for lost truffle-time.

2023 was the year I realized how much I like truffle flavor. I had experienced truffle-infused food sporadically before, but it just hadn’t quite “clicked” in my silly noggin. They say your palate changes as you age, and I’ve definitely found that to be true. So, now I’m making up for lost time. Squandered truffle-time.

A sliced block of Aldi truffle cheddar cheese imported from England, sitting on a white plate.

Anyway. Here is some cheese from Aldi that is full of delicious truffle bits (and some other stuff — keep reading). I enjoyed it, and now I will tell you all about it. There’s still time to run away, if you want.

If you’ve perused the cheese aisle at Aldi, you’ve probably been overwhelmed by the variety of cheeses available — especially flavored and imported cheeses. They are usually sold in small amounts — which I actually appreciate, because I’m single, have a tiny hobbit stomach, and don’t want to commit to a lot of mystery cheese all at once. There are already too many mysteries in my life.

An egg sandwich with avocado slices and melted truffle cheddar cheese from Aldi.

This package of truffle-cheese is only 5.3 ounces, so it’s a petite block, but the flavor is so strong that a little goes a long way. I would describe this as an assertive “sharp” cheddar with a firm, slightly crumbly texture. Because it is moderately crumbly, it was tricky cutting thin slices, so it may not be the best option for crackers. I melted mine over an egg sandwich, which was lovely. The petite block meant I needed to cut several narrow slices to cover my egg.

Several slices of Aldi imported English truffle cheddar cheese, sitting on a white plate.

The truffle pieces are bigger than I expected, and plentiful. However, from reading the ingredients, these dark specs may not be ENTIRELY truffles — black olives are also listed. In fact, this truffle-magic is comprised of a lot of stuff: closed cap mushrooms, olive oil, black olives, black summer truffles, dehydrated black truffles, truffle infused olive oil, black truffle flavoring, and more. Interesting. I liked this flavor, although it wasn’t the best truffle experience I’ve ever had.

A hand holding a slice of imported English truffle cheddar cheese from Aldi's Emporium Selected store brand, over a wooden table.

In any case, the truffle-ish flavor is strong enough that you can smother this cheese in a pile of other ingredients, and still be enveloped by the savory truffle-aroma. I ate mine with thick slices of avocado, fried egg, and a generously buttered artisanal roll. This cheddar is imported from England, and although it is pasteurized and not organic, the milk is free from rBST.

An egg sandwich made with melted truffle cheddar from Aldi.

Nutrition Facts and Price

There are 5.3 servings per container, which makes no sense — why not make it an even 5? Why, Aldi? Whyyyyy.

Each 1 ounce serving has 120 calories, 7 grams of protein, and 10 grams of fat. No fiber.

The 5.3 ounce block of truffle cheddar cost $4.49, which makes it a not-so-frugal $0.84 per ounce. Still, for an imported specialty cheese WITH TRUFFLES, I consider this a great buy. Will purchase again, next time it appears on the Aldi shelves.

Nutrition Facts and Ingredients from a label on English imported Truffle Cheddar from Aldi Emporium Selected brand.

Ingredients in Aldi Truffle Cheddar

Here are the ingredients from the label:

  • Cheddar Cheese (Pasteurized Cow Milk, Salt, Vegetarian Rennet, Starter Culture)
  • Black Truffle Sauce (Closed Cap Mushrooms, Olive Pomace Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Pitted Black Olives, Black Summer Truffles, Black Truffle Flavoring, Salt)
  • Truffle Infused Olive Oil (Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Dehydrated Black Truffle, Black Truffle Flavoring)

Since it appears more than once, I have to ask — what exactly is “Black Truffle Flavoring?” According to TruffleAroma.com, truffle flavorcontains the same aromatic molecules found in fresh white or black truffles that gives off their pungent smell.”

Hmmmm. OK. So, not actually made from real truffles? Interesting. Fortunately, real truffles are listed in several other places in the ingredients.

Close-up of melted truffle cheddar cheese from Aldi on an egg sandwich.

Shelf Life

Mine expired about 2.5 months after purchase. The package says it needs to be eaten within 7 days after opening.

The Aldi website listed this cheese amongst their “Seasonal Items,” and I found it in stock at my local Aldi from around October to January.

The End.

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Author’s note: I have no affiliation with Aldi, and I wasn’t compensated in any way for this review.

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